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improv workshops

We have provided workshops for groups such as major tourism organizations, call centres, hotel sales, student leadership groups, educational professionals and major corporations.  Some of the topics that clients have asked us to address include: 

•       Active listening
•       Emotional intelligence
•       Conflict resolution
•       Confidence building
•       Public Speaking
•       Self-awareness
•       Thinking on your feet
•       Problem solving
•       Fostering creativity
•       Raise staff morale
•       Change Management

The techniques we use are based on exercises/games that are used in comedy and theatre improv organizations.  No one will be asked to perform. Performing scares a lot of people, and that’s OK. We’re here to help you work together. We don’t expect to make you into an improv master in one workshop. We are excited to show you how to apply improv concepts to your daily lives, not only do our trainers have many years of experience, but we teach it in a fun and supportive environment.  Anyone can sit out of a particular game if they are apprehensive but everything is done as a group so nobody is singled out unless they want to be.  The workshops are not about being on stage, just using various exercises that reinforce certain positive habits, like listening before you decide something, supporting your colleagues, making quick decisions based on the information available etc.

We ask our clients to arrange for a room that is large enough for the number of participants to be in a large circle as this provides sufficient room for our varied exercises.  The workshops start off with quick exercises that are meant to introduce everyone and warm up for the more complex exercises that will follow.  We then take the group through a customized series of exercises that are designed to provide reinforcement on the topics chosen by the client.  While this all sounds very serious, we strive to keep everything humorous as learning while laughing together provides an amazing team building experience with a focused intent.


“This was an amazing experience to have with our group of co-workers. I really feel like I got to connect with people I don’t usually work closely with and had a blast at the same time !” – BCLC Workshop 

Don’t Settle For Less

Leadership Classes

Improv For Interviews –  Are you preparing for an interview? Or, looking to find the perfect candidate? Use improv to showcase your best self in interviews – from either side of the interview table. Build quick rapport – allow your thoughts to flow – turn nerves into opportunity – prepare for the unknown – know the power of your story – gain confidence through lots of low risk practice

Public Speaking and Presentation Skills – You will engage in activities designed to help you be more confident and comfortable selling yourself and your message, all while learning through laughter rather than through boring seminars and books.

Enhanced Leadership Skills – Realize how you can be a better leader by using your strengths and learning that sharing information and reacting quickly can lead to stronger teams that deliver results.   Learning through laughter will change your mindset.

“I loved the approach, I loved that what seemed to be highlighted is for people to find their own way, there is no quick fix. It’s about exploration, practice and playing. A good example was to be kind to yourself (don’t worry about the ums) and to embrace the fears. This is brilliant and true and the only way real growth can happen, in my opinion. ” GM Ziptrek Ecotours

Charge Forward


Laugh Authority is a team of talented individuals with a wide variety of experience and skills.  Everyone wants their event/trip to be memorable.  Laugh Authority can take your event from ordinary to extraordinary !

Ice Breakers for Parties/Events – Bring the energy level higher with fun activities to kick off your party/event

Wedding Family Connections – Let both families get to know each other better before the wedding.  Laughing together is the start of something beautiful.

Animation – Does your event need that extra special something? Laugh Authority can provide a special character(s) to add something different to your event.

Incentive trips:   Invigorate your company through unique recognition, retention, and customer loyalty. Improve your company performance, motivate employees, and encourage a lasting customer connection.

Facilitated Brainstorming – Bringing a new approach to teams needing ideas, let Laugh Authority throw away the box and bring freedom to your creative process.

If you can put it into words, we will come up with a plan to make your event memorable! 


Everybody loved it and had a blast! Thank you so much, the staff were raving about it! GM – Nita Lake Lodge



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