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We use professional improvisational and theatre skills to create a dynamic, fun environment where communication, thinking on your feet, projecting your voice and interacting with your team are strengthened and enhanced.
Laugh Authority breaks down the conventional barriers in corporate thinking and communication - each participant takes on different roles using improvisational, theatre and comedy sketch techniques - so that your teams and entire companies can communicate and work together more effectively.


We tailor the program to your team building and event goals. We can structure the program for an entire company or for specific groups. Additionally, Keynote Speakers and/or Comedy Show Entertainment can be organized.


This innovative corporate training can bring out the best in your employees because everyone can participate. Nobody is left out or unable to keep up. Everyone gets to use their own voice, presence and creativity to learn something new about themselves and their team members.


Whistler is one of the world's top corporate event destinations. We are a local Whistler business with our finger on the pulse with the best the resort has to offer. We are here to provide corporate professionals and athletes with a teambuilding alternative.

Join us in Whistler, a leading corporate conference destination!

Learn through Laughter

Get ready for laughter, get ready for fun team-building, get ready for a professional, dynamic environment where we master the art of learning-through-doing… and learning through laughter!!

Meet Our Team


Tara O'Doherty

Tara, co-founder of Laugh Authority, is known as one of the authorities on funny in Whistler. From her stand up comedy performances, the comedy shows she produces through her company Headwound Productions and her numerous acting performances; laughter follows her everywhere. Tara is Laugh Authority’s relationship manager and also facilitates improv sessions and a five year old once told her she was the funniest person in the world…..so it must be true.


Louise Robinson

Louise Robinson has degrees in Education and Creative Industries (Drama) which led to her becoming a drama teacher in her native Australia, as well as developing drama education programs. After coming down with Aussie Migratory Syndrome, Louise found that a possible cure involved following the traditional migratory route to Whistler. Once here, she dove into acting, including TV and movies, and used her improv skills to convince Canada to let her stay. When not acting or teaching improv, to a varied clientele including national sports teams, Louise is usually looking for a new place to stash her supply of Vegemite.


Ira Pettle

As a graduate of the acclaimed Second City Conservatory program, along with a Masters of Education, Ira Pettle is a true master of improv. He has over 20 years experience performing, producing and teaching theatre and his philosophy involves compassionate demeanour and soul filled authenticity to create safe and open spaces, where participants break through barriers and (re)discover with velocity. His work truly transforms. 
Wild animals stop to listen to the sound of his breathing, and babies never cry in his presence…… but he is still skeptical of the colour orange.


Megan Fullerton

An actor and comedian, Megan Fullerton was born and raised in The Beach area of Toronto. In 2008 she felt the need to escape the honking horns and road rage and since has been drinking kamboucha and hugging trees on the west coast. Megan has appeared in many plays, TV commercials and small films and her Stand Up Comedy has been featured on CBC radio and the Comedy Network. She has performed and instructed Improv for many years and trained at Toronto’s prestigious The Second City, completing their Conservatory level. She is the co-creator and co-host of the annual Whistler Comedy Showdown Headwound Productions, a popular part of the World Ski and Snowboard Festival. 
Her favorite drink sums her up pretty well – a classic gin martini, straight up with a twist.

Improve active listening

Develop presentation skills

Strengthen conflict resolution skills

Increase emotional intelligence

Promote creative thinking

Enhance self-awareness

Boost confidence

Build stronger team bonds and relationships

Bring out the best in your team

Innovative Corporate Training

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Your quote will depend on number of participants, number of facilitators, location, length, frequency, and level of customization. Drop us a note and we’ll be in touch!